We encourage all men's club members to get involved in our monthly events.

The entry fee is $45 unless otherwise posted and includes a sizable purse as well as the addition of  a savory lunch after each event provided by The Adriatic Grill.

Click on "more info" below to be directed to our tournaments page to view or download our 2020 tournament schedule.

The Matches


 $50 entry fee for the season. Matches will go April - September (1 month shorter than last year, 1 match per month.). The field is limited to the first 42 players signed up.The field is then divided by handicaps. Captains draft their players in March to fill their teams. Players contact their opponent to schedule their one match, per month. Each match is worth 1 point. The team with the most accumlated points wins the season. $200 per player goes to the winning TEAM, $100 per player to 2nd place


Men's Club

Our 2020 men's club dues are $80

and includes GHIN fee along with  hole-in-one insurance. You can sign up at the golf shop using cash or a check or click "more info" below to be directed to the WSGA website to apply using your credit or debit card.


2020 Men's Club application
Click PDF to print or download

Jim Cayton, President 

Vic Orlando, Vice President 

Lawrence Wolf, secretary

Jeff Clark, treasurer

Jim Mapes, handicap chairman

Jeff Mehlert, director of golf operation.

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Oakbrook Men's Club




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