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Our men's club's premier event of the summer. Thank you to all members who entered our club championships. Specifically, congratulations to Brien Flannigan who not only won our Senior Club Championship but backed it up with the Club Championship title as well. Well Done Brien! also a salute to our Super Senior Club Champion, Byron Nelson, and Legends of Oakbrook Champion,

Bill Harley.

The Matches


The season long match play event will come to the regular season end with the final matches in August.

The team with the best regular season record gets first pick on which team they’ll play in the 1st round of the playoffs – in the month of September. The 2nd place team chooses from the remaining 3 teams and the remaining 2 teams play each other.

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The Oakbrook Men's Club Board of Directors have appointed new leadership to guide our club through the remaining few months of the 2019 term. The board is now returned to a fully functioning administration and along with the current committees, is dedicated to providing a voice, direction, and strong leadership for our club.


Jim Cayton, President (Interim).

Vic Orlando, Vice President (Interim)

Jeff Clementz, secretary.

Jeff Clark, treasurer.

Jim Mapes, handicap chairman.

Dale Fisher, past president.

Jeff Mehlert, director of golf operation.

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