The 2020 version of The Matches are kicking off. The captains are set: 

Jim Cayton (Men's Club president, captain of the ASTROS), 

Vic Orlando (Men's Club VP, captain of the GIANTS), 

Lawrence Wolf (Men's Club secretary, captain of the WARRIORS), 

Jeff Thomas (Men's Club tournament chairman, captain of the ELKS), 

Jason Evershed (OGC assistant professional, captain of the MOUNTAIN MEN), 

Jeff Mehlert (OGC director of golf, captain of the DRAGONS).


A sign up sheet is in the golf shop. $50 entry fee for the season. Matches will go April - September (1 month shorter than last year, 1 match per month.). The field is limited to the first 42 players signed up.The field is then divided by handicaps. Captains draft their players in March to fill their teams. Players contact their opponent to schedule their one match, per month. Each match is worth 1 point. The team with the most accumulated points wins the season. $200 per player goes to the winning TEAM, $100 per player to 2nd place. This is a great way to meet other players and grow the men's club, we hope you'll sign up.

Team draft will take place Friday, March 6th

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